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Rejuvenation of Living Quarters

Design & Engineering Services

B15 Fire Class W-25 Wall Panel

  • Interior Designing - 3D Design Floor Plan Drawing

  • Engineering / Material Sourcing Consulting Service

  • Porta Cabin Design for Living Accommodation, Galley, Office, etc For Offshore Installation

  • B-Class Lining/Partition of wall panel with necessary fitting


B15 Fire Class C-50 Removable Ceiling

  • B Class Ceiling Panel with necessary profile 

Unit Toilet

Toilet Module

  • Prefabricated toilet module - Single Access Shower Unit / Shared Shower Unit / Bath Tub Unit / Public Unit

Deck Covering


  • Latex deck composition (manual/self levering)/mixed perlite/mortar cement/epoxy coating

  • Floating floor - 160 Class 30mm/5mm floating floor

  • Vinyl floor - fire retardant non-slip vinyl floor

  • Rubber floor - embossed non-slip vinyl floor

  • Carpet floor - fire retardant carpet flooring

  • Wooden - High grade marine wooden furniture with certified HPM finish

  • Steel & Aluminium - high grade marine steel furniture

  • Al Honeycomb - lightweight & durable with soft finish aluminum honeycomb furniture

  • Calcium Silicate material - fire proof, lightweight & durable with soft finish calcium silicate furniture

  • Staineless steel furniture


Toilet Sliding Door

  • Internal - A60/A0/B/C Class cabin door with the necessary hardware

  • External - Water & weather tight door: central closing single lever/individual DOG/center wheel operated/A60 fire class/GRP type

  • Hatch - Butterfly nut/individual raised/center wheel operated type

Lighting Fixture

Our Clients

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